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Arrange a free call so we can learn about your needs & goals, discuss what tools & services are available and offer support to help you grow your charity or non-profit organisation.

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Get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation access & maximise £8,000/month of ad credit. We have a completely free service offering – no strings attached. 

If you would like more information see the Call FAQs or if you prefer you can send us a message.


worth of potential monthly ad spend to increase donations


Charities are already benefiting from the Google Ad Grants

Call FAQs

Don’t worry the call is free with no commitment to any of our services – you have nothing to lose!

How Can I Prepare For The Call?

To get the best advice please be ready to explain:

  • what you do
  • what your charity’s goals are
  • which tools you currently use
  • which problems you are looking to solve
  • what opportunities you want to explore
  • your target donor
  • your donor acquisition strategy
  • your digital strategy
  • your technological expertise

During the call we’ll discuss the above and will provide you with some advice and let you know if Twenti is a good fit for your charity.

What Happens Afterwards?

This depends entirely on what we discuss during the call and whether your charity is a good fit for our services.

As standard you will receive an email summarising the call and outlining our advice and next steps depending on your circumstances.

If you are good fit and interested in our services, then you will be sent the next steps.

If you are not a good fit at this stage, we won’t contact you again – you can always get in touch if your situation changes!

How Long is The Call?

This depends on many factors but is usually around 20-minutes. If there is more to discuss we can always schedule another call.

How Much Does It Cost?

The call is completely free – you have nothing to lose!

£8,000/month of free ad credit?

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