Barock-Landhof Burkhardt Hotel

A historic 4 star boutique hotel found in the heart of the Wachau UNESCO World Heritage Area.

Barock-Landhof Burkhardt Hotel

The Barock-Landhof Burkhardt is a small luxury hotel in Austria. It was formerly a monastery vineyard, but in the Baroque period it was converted into a family estate which has now been in the family for seven generations.

It offers a beautiful mix of luxury and tradition to its guests who can also enjoy the delicious traditional wines and food from the region.

The Burkhardt Hotel’s OPM goals

From the beginning of their online presence management journey, the Barock-Landhof Burkhardt had a clearly established goal in mind: increasing direct bookings through their website.  With platforms such as taking as much as 10-15% in booking commissions, direct bookings have a big effect on the bottom line.

Second to this, the Burkhardt family also wanted to automate their booking processes to save time for their staff. Before working with Twenti, the hotel manager would have to individually block out dates on each of the online travel agency listings whenever a booking was made – taking up a lot of valuable time!

The Project Goals:

  • Website redesign to improve direct booking conversions
  • Higher search engine rankings to improve website traffic
  • Real-time analytics & reports to analyse performance
  • Functioning channel manager to save management time

Website Redesign – Bringing the Hotel into the 21st century

The owners of the Barock-Landhof Burkhardt, Gisela and Michael, wanted to update their website so that customers could immediately see everything their hotel has to offer. Twenti helped them create a stylish and user-friendly new website.

In response, Gisela and Michael said: “[we love that] we can edit our own website any time but were able to outsource the difficult parts to Twenti.”

By updating their website and booking process, the Burkhardt family was able to bring this stunning Baroque hotel firmly up to speed with all the advantages of the 21st century!

“We had a great experience working with Luke, he was very competent and helpful and was able to meet all the website requirements we had.”

– Gisela and Michael, hotel owners

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Whilst SEO is a long-term strategy by presenting content in a search-engine friendly way and improving technical performance we were able to realise some impressive short term gains when compared to the same period the year before. We will continue to work together to increase relevant directory listing submissions, improve backlinks and keyword performance to increase web traffic.


Increase in Google ranked keywords


Increase in Google search impressions

Other improvements included:

  • 41% decrease in page load time
  • Mobile errors in Google Search Console reduced from 23 to 0
  • Submission to Bing Maps and Apple Maps
  • Installing SSL to encrypt transfer of personal data
  • Implementing a Content Delivery Network
  • Removing 80+ spam backlinks
  • Introducing a firewall to reduce bot traffic
  • Running the latest version of PHP
  • Auto-updating plugins & WordPress to increase security
  • Adding security policies to website code

Analytics and Reporting – Discovering more about guests

The hotel has many website visitors but since they had no analytics installed on their old website they didn’t really know what was driving bookings.

To solve this, we installed Google Analytics and implemented a custom dashboard to track all website interactions, find the highest converting sources and monitor performance. In addition, using visitor recordings we were able to identify bottle-necks to improve the website’s usability.

By correctly installing analytics, the Barock-Landhof Burkhardt is now able to monitor all aspects of their web traffic so they can continue to improve!

Automating the booking process

With Twenti’s guidance, the hotel now has channel management software integrated with their website to automatically update all room availability when a booking has been made. Not only does this save a lot of management time, but it’s also a lot easier for customers to make direct bookings!

To sum it all up

Barock-Landhof Burkhardt Hotel

By increasing their online visibility and availability, the Hotel has achieved their online presence management goals. Implementing some small technical changes led to a big impact which will continue to improve as performance is monitored. It’s never been easier to enjoy the beauty of the Wachau UNESCO Heritage Area – why not treat yourself to a holiday?

“Twenti stood out because it had a competent consultation, great packages of services, and was an affordable option for a small business.”

– Gisela and Michael, hotel owners
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