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Mariners House Calstock

Mariners House is a luxury, self-catered holiday cottage nestled in the heart of Calstock in the Tamar Valley. Perfect for families and groups of up to 8 people, the house is cosy, homely and unique.

Situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the border between Devon and Cornwall, Mariners House is a 200-year-old cottage like no other.

The Mariners House OPM goals

When it comes to online presence management, it’s always important to have a well-established, achievable goal in mind. From the start, Mariners House knew that they wanted to establish themselves as a holiday-let property and receive direct bookings through their website.

With more direct bookings, they would have to rely less on their Airbnb listing which, although important, takes a significant commission for each booking. A consistent flow of direct bookings would also allow Lorraine, owner of the house, to gradually increase her prices. Finally, with Lorraine living abroad another fundamental goal was to reduce management time as much as possible to allow her to manage the business remotely.

The Project Goals:

  • Online travel agency profile to start accepting guests
  • New website to start receiving direct bookings
  • Email marketing to encourage repeat guests
  • Higher search engine rankings to improve website traffic
  • Real-time analytics & reports to analyse performance
  • Booking automation through channel management software
  • Guest tablet to reduce guest communications

Getting online: Airbnb

Online marketing has changed the way businesses advertise forever, and Airbnb is a great example of this. If Mariners House was ever going to establish a strong online presence, one of the first steps had to be optimising their visibility on one of the biggest and most accessible holiday rental platforms out there.

With Twenti’s help, Mariners House created an Airbnb profile with edited photos and channel management software with automated dynamic pricing, guest check-in & check-out messages, guest reviews and cleaner notifications. Their easy-to-manage, automated listing is now a stunning example of the best Airbnb has to offer and has been a key contributor to Mariners House’s 5 star rating.

“Twenti offers an extremely knowledgeable, precise and tailor-made service.”

– Lorraine, Mariners House Owner

A beautiful new website

With Twenti’s help, Mariners House now has a beautiful and intuitive website to match their stunning property. Easy-to-navigate and established with a clean-cut, luxurious aesthetic in mind, the Mariners website perfectly represents the house itself. All synced with the channel manager – prices and availability are synced automatically with Airbnb.

Direct bookings start with the customer’s first impression – if they aren’t wowed by what they see, they certainly won’t stick around for a booking.

A simple solution: email marketing and social WiFi

When it came to increasing the Mariners House’s online presence through more social means, Twenti had a nifty solution which used the property’s WiFi to establish a list of customer emails and Facebook page likes. Now when visitors connect to its WiFi, they’re required to provide either an email address or Facebook like.

By collecting customer’s information, Twenti could set up an independent email list along with automated seasonal greetings and follow-up emails. Currently, a review reminder is scheduled 7 days after arrival and a ‘visit again’ email roughly 10 months after the customer’s initial stay, usually coinciding with an upcoming holiday.

Just when previous visitors were thinking of travelling for the holidays, up popped Mariners House in their inbox! This strategy eventually translated into a direct booking worth over £900 following an automated Christmas email – a definite win for Lorraine and Mariners House!

Email Subscribers

Facebook Likes

SEO – Starting a blog to increase keyword ranking

Mariners House is in a rather unique location and if there’s one upside to take away from that, it’s that Search Engine Optimisation or SEO and keyword competition are naturally low. What better way to take advantage of that than with our content creation services to write a blog which puts the house right at the top of people’s searches?

Mariners House now has a well-established and active blog covering local events and recommendations. By increasing their rankings in organic searches for activities in the area and through continued directory listing entries Mariners House can convert visitors into direct bookings.

Google ranked keywords

Google search impressions

Reports and Analytics to monitor progress

Of course, SEO and blogging are only valuable if you can actually track progress ,which is where our custom dashboards come in. In addition, Lorraine wanted to track her keyword performance over time – a feature included with our website performance reports. Example reports can be dowloaded using the links below:

Welcome tablet to reduce guest messages

One of the key strategies to reduce management time and allow Lorraine to manage the property remotely was to set up a welcome tablet that guests could use as a digital welcome book.

The tablet has a series of great features:

  • Check-in survey – to address issues promptly
  • Property guides – to reduce calls / messages
  • Analytics – to see what guests were searching for
  • Check-out survey – to improve guest experience

The welcome book can be updated remotely and is a more sustainable solution to its printed counterpart.

Guest Tablet

To sum it all up

Mariners House OPM efforts to date have been very successful. In addition to reducing management time, driving both indirect & direct bookings and climbing search engine rankings – Mariners House was highly commended by both Quality in Tourism and Airbnb Plus assessments for the guest welcome tablet and website – listing them as contributing factors to its 5 star rating. 

It also happens to be a wonderful place to stay – why not book a holiday through their website?

Mariners House Homepage

“We wanted to branch out into a wider market. Twenti was efficient and professional.”

– Lorraine, Mariners House Owner
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