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Shred Ski is the UK’s graduate ski society. Their goal is to unite skiers, snowboarders and bar supporters across Europe for unique parties and events.

Modelled on a university society but free of any Student Union constraints, Shred Ski partners with top travel experts to provide the best value-for-money ski trips.

Shred Ski’s OPM goals

When it comes to online presence management, it’s always vital to have a clear-cut, achievable goal in mind. Shred Ski was no exception. When it came to working with Twenti, Shred Ski established a simple goal: validating their business idea by getting as many people as possible to attend their first ski trip in January 2019.

As a startup Shred Ski’s budget was tight so they were looking for cost-effective, professional tools & services to help them get found online and guidance along the way to make the most out of those tools. The first step was to understand – just like Shred Ski did – that a beautiful website only gets you so far. Setting up and maintaining an online presence involves much more than just looking good: it’s about engaging and converting the people who actually use your website.

Project Goals:

  • Intuitive website builder to create their own website
  • Professional emails for marketing outreach
  • Secure & reliable web hosting
  • Support & guidance to continue to improve over time
  • Monthly analytics & reports to analyse performance

The easy-to-use website builder

An effective online presence undoubtedly starts with a beautiful new website. With no design or coding experience Shred Ski were able to use the website builder – with our support – to design a cost-effective, sleek, easy-to-navigate website from scratch. Combined with secure, reliable hosting and professional, custom emails the Shred Ski team was able to secure a list of sponsors and party venues.

Shred Ski’s website gets to the core of who they are as a business: a company bringing world class skiing, unique events and value-for-money together all in one place. As Ben himself says, “getting our online presence right and prominent from the start was vital.” 

“For us, the ability to focus on what we do best and drive the business forward with the faith that Twenti can handle the technicalities in the background is a huge benefit.”

– Ben Preston, Head of Marketing at Shred Ski

Setting up an email list to engage leads

Working with Twenti, Shred Ski established that the first step to converting customers for their first ski trip would mean generating interested followers in the first place. Playing to the social strengths of Shred Ski as a company, who already had a well-established Facebook page, we advised incorporating one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available – email marketing

Shred Ski were then able to grow their mailing list through both Facebook and their website, and it wasn’t long before this strategy paid off – by qualifying their most-engaged leads and establishing a list of interested customers, Shred Ski were able to generate 50-100 sign-ups for their first ski trip.

When January 2019 rolled around, Shred Ski could then successfully launch their first ski trip with over 25 customers, most of whom booked directly from the announcement email or Facebook page!

Monthly website performance reports

Setting up a strong online presence doesn’t mean much unless you’re ready to maintain it by evolving with the times. In order to keep helping Shred Ski succeed online, Twenti provides them with monthly website performance reports so they can track performance and address issues as they arise.

In the SEO World small changes can have a big impact – by monitoring page speed we were able to react quickly when the Shred Ski homepage slowed dramatically. Upon inspection we noticed the size increased to a whopping 50MB after hosting a welcome video on the page – we sent a quick email to the Shred Ski team notifying them (with instructions on how to embed the video instead) and they resolved the issue. 

Through continued monitoring and guidance we are able to help Shred Ski continually improve their web presence and grow their business.

Website Performance Report Example

* The example report is from Mariners House

To sum it all up

Our services cater to businesses of all sizes and by using the tools and services we provide with a little guidance and support Shred Ski were able to maximise the effectiveness of their online presence and get their business off the ground cost-effectively.

Shred Ski Website

“For us, it was a new business and we knew getting our online presence right and prominent from the start would be vital.”

– Ben Preston, Head of Marketing at Shred Ski

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