Flexible Pricing

We know money’s tight when you’re starting up that’s why we use flexible pricing to fit with your budget to prioritise what you need and adapt as you grow.

How We Fit With Your Budget

Some of the ways we can adjust our service offer to fit with your budget. 

Flexible pricing

We tailor our services to your business, which means we’re incredibly flexible to pick and mix what you need, when you need it – so you’re always in control. 

We’re open to different pricing model types; subscriptions, pay-as-you-go or service exchanges.

    Flexible payment schedules

    We’re extremely flexible when it comes to payment schedules – monthly, annually, biannually or triennially – we’ll try to accommodate whatever works best with your business.

    DIY products and services

    The more you do yourself the more you can save – we’ll work with you to decide how best to divide work depending on your expertise and available time.

    We’ll always be there if you run into some difficulties and need some help. 

      Equity financing & service exchanges

      If you have a business which we truly believe in and is a good fit to our expertise we may consider using equity to finance the work you need. 

      Alternatively, if your business offers services which we may need we can create a mutually beneficial partnership whereby we exchange services to reduce costs and help each other.

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