Business Goals

An online presence should deliver real business value which is why we look at your business needs & goals first before considering how digital solutions can help.


A taste of some of the business goals we consider when crafting your digital strategy.
Increase profit

Of course – you’re a business after all! Everything we do focuses on this goal in one way or another. There are many ways to achieve this, but here are the most simple ways we’ll aim to increase profit:

1) Reduce costs

Time is money – we’ll look at how a website can save you time educating potential clients and answering customer queries with an FAQ section. Whether automated appointment scheduling will reduce time and if transitioning from print media to digital media (invoices, marketing material etc.) could cut costs. Arrange a call to discuss more options!

2) Increase revenue

The obvious one is to get more new clients either through increasing your online presence through a website / directory listing sites or paid advertising. Another option is better engaging your customers through a community website section, social media and email marketing etc… There are so many options – book a call to find out what works best for you!

Receive more clients

Getting new clients is tough and greatly depends on your business. Some of the things we’ll look at:

  • Which marketing activities are working best and why
  • What common questions your customers have to create a high converting FAQ page
  • How to best convey your reputation on your website and online
  • Which paid advertising channels are most cost-effective for you
  • Which directory listing sites are best suited to your business
Increase traffic to your website

There are a lot of ways to make this happen and here are some proven strategies that may work for you depending on your business:

  • Post regular, high quality content relevant to your target audience
  • Build a strong online brand through multiple social media and directory listing websites
  • Rank highly in search engine results through effective SEO and paid advertising
  • Publish on relevant third party websites that your target audience use
  • Engage repeat website visits through effective, targeted email marketing
Get recognised for your business achievements

One of the most underused, high-converting elements to any webpage is social proof.

We’ll work with you to figure out what quality standards are relevant to your business, how to promote them effectively and how to utilise your best clients to build recognition for your business through reviews.

Better educate clients to reduce questions

So many businesses spent hours repeating themselves to potential and existing clients.

We’ll reduce wasted time by better educating your customers with relevant content for FAQ pages or ebooks.  Video guides and drip fed emails post purchase can also decrease the time you need to spend answering customer questions.

Finally we’ll use real-time analytics to find out what questions are researched the most so you refine your content and better understand your client’s needs.

Receive better clients

Any business owner will have favourite clients for one reason or another – we’ll discuss what attributes your ideal clients have and how to get more of them!

Some best client attributes:

  • They buy the products with the highest margins
  • They stay with your business in the long-term
  • They refer new customers to you
  • They require the least amount of your time
Reduce the time it takes to get new customers

Getting new business is really tough – potential clients usually have a lot of questions and need serious convincing before purchase.

We’ll look at what content you could provide to reduce questions, whether an email list could capture website visitors contact details for future interactions and analyse web analytics to find and resolve friction points which may be influencing conversions.

    Find out what my customers want

    Whether you’re just starting out or an established business the key to growth is understanding your customers. Eliminate the guess work with actionable insights and start making data-driven decisions.

    All our templates come with incredible real-time analytical tools so you can test hypotheses quickly and pivot to maximise growth.

    Customer surveys and feedback widgets on website content can give you some incredible insights into what your clients are looking for.

      Reduce customer acquisition costs

      You may find that your current customer acquisition costs are steadily increasing. We’ll analyse what’s working and seek to provide data to support different cost-effective solutions. Some examples include:

      • An effective inbound marketing strategy – where you post material relevant to your target audience and they find you
      • Expand your online presence through free directory listing websites which advertise your business 24/7
      • Engage your potential customers through social media and email marketing
      Increase customer lifetime value

      It’s much more cost effective to up-sell an existing customer than to acquire a new one – that’s why we’ll look at how you can better engage customers through social media, a CRM and email lists to analyse which content/products are gaining the most interest so you can sell more!

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