Free Website Analytics

Sign up for free website analytics to install analytics on your existing website for 20 days and find out how your customers are interacting with your site.

Key Benefits:

– Receive free website analytics for 20 days
– Record how your visitors interact with your website
– View heatmaps to highlight interactive content
– Watch visitor recordings to find areas for improvement
– Use conversion funnels to find out where users are leaving your website
– Get instant feedback from your users
– Run surveys to get valuable insights to improve your site

What To Expect

The analytics which will be installed on your website will have the following features.


Heatmaps track how often your users click on website elements, so you can easily visualise user clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour to reorder and optimise your content to increase your conversions.

Visitor Recordings

With visitor recordings you can watch exactly how users are interacting with your website to identify and resolve friction points to increase your conversions.

Conversion Funnel

Use conversion funnels to find the biggest opportunities for improvement and testing by identifying on which page and at which step most visitors are leaving your site.

Incoming Feedback

Use incoming feedback to give your visitors an easy way to leave visual feedback on your website. See what people love, monitor sentiment, identify issues, and find opportunities for growth.

Customer Surveys

Use customer surveys to gather valuable feedback from your customers as soon as they convert, or visitors before they abandon, with responsive surveys that work on any device.

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