Content Creation

The Key To Getting Found Online

All SEO fundamentally revolves around content – the more high-quality, unique content you have the higher your chances of being found online.

What many entrepreneurs fail to appreciate when setting up their online presence is how search engines work. In essence, search engines crawl webpages searching for keywords which they then present to people who use the same terms in their searches. You will only appear in search results if you have content which is unique and relevant to what people search for.

That’s where content creation comes in – if you have two sentences describing a service you offer it is highly unlikely you will rank for those keywords. The key is to write long, well-written and unique content surrounding either your target keywords or similar phrases.

Depending on your business other forms of content such as blogging, video, images, infographics, industry reports, ebooks or podcasts may be effective in expanding your reach and generating leads. We’ll consider all options when formulating your content strategy. If blogging isn’t your strong point we offer content creation services to help you build up your ranking keywords. Alternatively, we can help you identify target keywords and guide you on how to present your content to increase search engine appearance.

Of course, there are a few more steps involved to start to appear in search engines including content optimisation, Technical SEO and Off-page SEO. With good content, however, you’ll be in a very strong position to improve.

We use a variety of different techniques to maximise your marketing ROI – schedule a call to find out more.

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