A Beginner’s Guide to Google G Suite: An Infographic

Nov 18, 2019 | Infographics

Zoe Allen

by Zoe Allen

A quick guide to the benefits of Google’s G Suite, free for all nonprofits with a Google for Nonprofits account, in infographic form.

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Work as a team, wherever you are

While Google’s Ad Grant gets a lot of attention, we can’t overlook that a Google account also allows you to access a whole load of other great tools too: G Suite.

G Suite is a collection of business applications perfect for collaborating and communicating throughout your nonprofit, even if you have employees or volunteers all over the globe. The apps are freely available for all registered nonprofits as long as they have a Google for Nonprofits account, which you can sign up to here.

Google for nonprofits infographic

How can Twenti help?

We can guide you through setting up your Google for Nonprofits account and accessing all the included services, including the G Suite and the Ad Grant. If you’re interested in Twenti’s management and guidance for these services, book a free consultation with us now.

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