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We help entrepreneurs and nonprofits grow ideas into businesses by empowering them to profit from the value a well managed online presence can provide. It’s not easy – there are so many moving parts and each business is different – that’s why you need a tailored, all-in-one solution.  Only then are you able to evaluate all possible options and choose the most-effective tools for your business. That’s why you should choose Twenti.

Our Core Benefits

What sets us apart from the competition and is at the centre of all our services.


We listen to you to provide a strategy which fits with your goals and expertise.


With a wide range of services, we provide exactly what you need when you need it. 



Using a high-level approach we align all our services with your business goals.

Why Twenti?

What makes Twenti different to its competitors and other alternative solutions.
All-In One Solution
There are so many confusing elements to a website it’s easy to focus on technical details and lose track of the big picture.

With our all-in-one solution and high-level approach we’re always focused on the end goal and are best positioned to create synergies between independent elements to deliver your ideal solution. 

We believe that building a successful business starts by building a successful online presence and that’s best achieved through a streamlined combination of; a clear digital strategy, intuitive responsive design, real-time analytics, fast, secure hosting and reliable support.

We Save You Time

Our fully-customisable, turnkey websites are optimised for entrepreneurs so you can focus your valuable time and energy on growing your idea into a business.

Take a short cut to scale your business and use our solution – we’ve spent countless hours researching strategies, solutions and hosting options to take the hassle out of web design whilst delivering the professional service and features you need. All you need to do is sign up!

We Are Eco Friendly

We believe that we need to do our part for climate change so we:

  • Use 100% green energy when powering our servers.
  • Plant a tree for every website, every year.
  • Use paperless communication only
Tailored Approach
Every business is different that’s why we take time to learn about your business and leverage our expertise to provide you the guidance you need to create high-converting websites that excite your clients.

If you’re not the right fit for our service, we’ll help guide you to the right solution.

Why choose Twenti over a free website builder?

An excellent question – and one we love to answer! In short – we are better value, more customisable and, importantly, we care about the business value of your site – not just ease of use.

Most website builders are easy-to-use and free to start but you almost always have to promote their brand (not the professional image you want to give). Furthermore, all of the useful features tend to be premium features. Look out for limited bandwidth, data storage limits and whether prices include VAT.

Once you start paying for some of the hidden features that you need, the amount you pay can quickly add up.

What’s more, free website builders tend to not be as customisable as advertised since they’re built for the masses so you may find you can’t get the look or features you’re aiming for. In contrast the website builder and templates we provide are based on WordPress an open-source content management system that powers 30% of the internet. That provides access to millions of plugins and tools that can be integrated into your site to get the features you need – all being constantly updated and added to.

Another main issue is that website builders offer a generic service and since they’re not tailored to you they don’t give you any insights about how to improve and grow your business.

Once you start building your website you start to ask questions like what content do I put on my website? What features do I need? How do I build trust with my users? Where should I advertise? Who are my target clients? How do I improve search engine rankings? – All of these key questions which really influence the business value of your online presence are completely overlooked!

Then there’s a couple other things:

-They almost always not powered by environmentally friendly electricity
-They’re not built for growth (any fast-growing business will have to move away when they get to a certain size)
-SEO limitations (whilst the basics tend to be quite good the infrastructure almost always makes it difficult to score highly with organic search queries)
-Technical limitations and advanced marketing – if you want to add some custom code or some advanced marketing tools like re-targeting then you will almost definitely run into a few road blocks!

Business Value Orientated
The single biggest problem with small business websites is that they focus entirely on creating a nice design whilst failing to consider the business it’s designed for!

This website orientated approach results in a nicely designed website which delivers almost no value to the business and just adds to the costs.

We work in the other direction and take a business orientated approach which focuses on your business goals first. The results are profit-orientated, nicely designed websites which deliver real business value.

Accessible & Scalable Plans
We know money’s tight when you’re starting up that’s why our plans start small and scale as you grow.

You pay only for what you need when you need it.

Real Time Data & Analytics
Whether you’re just starting out or an established business the key to growth is understanding your customers. Eliminate the guess work with actionable insights and start making data-driven decisions.

We favour the scientific approach which is why all our templates come with incredible real-time analytical tools so you can test hypotheses quickly and pivot to maximise growth.

Intuitive Design Interface
Starting or running a business is hectic, that’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to provide an intuitive solution that takes the hassle out of web design whilst delivering the professional service and features you need.
Why choose Twenti over other webhosts?

An excellent question – and one we love to answer! In short – we are more flexible with pricing, are more transparent, offer better speed and advanced security and we’re eco-friendly.

Because we tailor our packages to you we’re very flexible with your usage plans. Most web hosts’ offerings are based on data storage bands – but there’s no point upgrading to a 10GB package from a 2GB package when you use 2.5GB.

Another key difference is that web-hosts are very vague with the service they actually provide so you don’t always know what you’re getting – with us our website performance reports keep you in the loop.

Some web hosts only offer SSL encryption and DDoS protection at an additional charge – but with us that’s covered as standard. We also offer the possibility for an unlimited number of your own emails.

Additionally, our SSD disks, LiteSpeed web servers & caching technologies are optimised for WordPress and so deliver exceptional speeds for our customers websites.

Just to top it all off we pride ourselves as being sustainable and only use renewable energy to power our servers.

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We help businesses get found online.

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