An Overview Of The Google Ad Grants: An Infographic

Nov 18, 2019 | Infographics

Zoe Allen

by Zoe Allen

A simple guide to what we mean by ‘Google’s Ad Grant’, the benefits of the scheme, and an outline of how to access it.

Ad Grant Intro banner

$10,000 a Month for Your Nonprofit

Google offers $10,000 in free advertising credit every month to nonprofits all over the globe to help them spread the message about their missions. This allows you to have in-search ads on Google and reach thousands of new donors or volunteers. 

Below, we give you a quick rundown on where your ads appear, key benefits of the Grant, and the simple steps to access it. 

Infographic google ad grant

How can Twenti help?

If you think the Google Ad Grant could work for your nonprofit, Twenti offers a free eligibility check, which gives you tailored advice about how your nonprofit could become eligible for the grant and how we can help. 

Ready to reach thousands of new donors online?

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£8,000/month of free ad credit?

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