Key Digital Marketing Statistics for Nonprofits: An Infographic

Nov 19, 2019 | Infographics

Zoe Allen

by Zoe Allen

Want to know more about what your digital marketing strategy should be looking like? These key statistics will help you decide what path to take, all in a simple infographic form.

Digital marketing stats info

How much do you know about digital marketing? 

Even if you’re a digital marketing pro, you might still be surprised by these facts about the performance of different marketing channels. If you’re new to marketing your nonprofit online, these statistics will be great for thinking about what channels you want to experiment with and how they compare to print marketing techniques, too. 

Digital marketing stats

How can Twenti help?

As this infographic shows, marketing your nonprofit can get pretty complicated – there’s a lot of options and a lot of moving pieces. Twenti’s digital marketing services include everything you need for a great marketing presence: inbound marketing content creation, search engine and social media ad creation and management, organic social media management and more. Book a free consultation with us today to explore your nonprofit’s options and get tailored advice. 

Ready to reach thousands of new donors online?

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