Why is Online Presence Management Better Than Web Design?

Sep 22, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Websites

Angharad Miller

by Angharad Miller

Interested in online presence management but don’t know what it offers? Here’s our top five reasons for why OPM is better than web design.

Online Presence Management

What is Online Presence Management?

Online presence management, or OPM, is the practice of effectively using and optimising all the ways your business is visible online. By harnessing the power of the web, your business can draw in customers from all over the world. Online presence management is a practice which involves so much more than just building a website.

At it’s core, OPM brings together digital strategy, SEO techniques and social media marketing to provide an overarching approach to online presence. Alongside this, Twenti also covers website hosting and analytics so that your website is always online and up-to-date. All the components you need for an effective online presence are thus brought together in one place.

Given that the digital space is becoming increasingly crowded with every passing day, we believe that OPM is the only way to consistently outperform competitors by integrating multiple disciplines into one strategy. By enabling you to see all these factors in conjunction, OPM allows businesses to develop a strong and comprehensive online presence which translates into real business growth.

Online Presence Management Strategy

How is Online Presence Management different to web design?

Essentially, online presence management is about using each and every one of the digital tools available to you in order to grow your business over an extended period of time. This way, your business continually expands and grows. OPM gives you the big picture view of your online presence efforts, allowing you to gain a new perspective on which practices best fit your business and help it to expand.

The most unique upside online presence management offers is how it centralises all of these tools in one place – unlike web design, online presence management simplifies the whole process of digital strategy, social media marketing and website design by offering the big picture view. By looking at this way, online presence management allows busy entrepreneurs to get on with what’s really important: growing their business.

These differences can be broken down into five key reasons for why online presence management is better than web design:

Online presence management: simplicity

Why is Online Presence Management better than web design?

1. Comprehensive Coverage

The most important benefit that online presence management offers when compared to web design is the thoroughness of its coverage. OPM offers an all-in-one solution for busy entrepreneurs and businesses, allowing you to grow your brand undistracted. With accessible and personalised online management services at your fingertips, online presence management provides advice, website design and hosting all in one place so that you can focus on what really matters.

Instead of having to communicate your business needs to each individual designer and host, online presence management combines all the services you’ll need as part of its tailored approach. Essentially, online presence management offers you a great website design, effective digital strategies and better online marketing practices all in one place. With the whole process streamlined, businesses and brands can focus on the bigger picture without any distraction.

2. Reputation Management

Ensuring that you have a positive business reputation is even more crucial today than it was ten to fifteen years ago. In an age in which almost all of your customers will be regular users of the internet, its vital to make sure that only good things are being said about your business online.

Reputation is fundamental to every business – it establishes what people expect from your business as well as what they say about it. Your online reputation and presence management can be the most powerful form of word-of-mouth available to your business. In today’s ever-evolving digital world, what customers say about your brand is amplified by countless social media platforms.

When compared to web design, online presence management is therefore unique in the way it allows you to manage your long-term business reputation online.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

There’s no place businesses dread more than the second page of a Google search. If you want to be found online, your business will have to get to grips with search engine rankings and optimisation (SEO). Online presence management allows you to start ranking higher when people search for what your business offers, boosting your ability to generate organic leads.

Although web design offers a refurbished look for your website, your business will need more than that if it wants to compete with all the other brands and businesses online. Without a good search engine strategy, your business will lose out to all the other brands which share its market niche.

Whilst off-page SEO focuses more on improving the authority of your website through off-site means, on-page SEO is vital in determining where you rank in search engine results. When it comes to SEO even the smallest of changes can lead to huge improvements: as the most popular and arguably most effective method of improving your online visibility, SEO allows your business to fully take control of its online presence.

4. Digital Marketing

Online presence management offers many important things which web design doesn’t, but there’s one aspect you can’t underestimate: digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves everything from paid advertising to social media campaigns: its a comprehensive approach which takes every digital strategy into account to find out what would best fit your business. The pay-per-click model for online advertising is particularly popular as you only need a few viewers to click to cover the cost of your advert. Coupled with the advanced filters of age, interest, location and search keywords, online advertising allows you to target your ideal customers quickly and easily. 

Online presence management therefore allows your digital strategy to grow alongside your business. From choosing the right platforms to producing the right kind of content for them, digital marketing can be a complex process. A beautiful website is only the beginning of a compelling online presence, so make sure you don’t stop there.

5. Analytics

Statistics and strategy are only so good without the ability to improve on your previous marketing efforts. In order to keep your business growing, it’s important to study, analyse and adapt your online presence to make sure it is constantly optimised. In order to make sure your brand stays relevant and interesting to its audience, online presence management offers you the chance to fully understand what’s working and what isn’t.

If you’d like to find out more about the kind of statistics we offer, check out our page dedicated to everything analytics.

Why is online presence management better than web design?

Final Thoughts

Online presence management involves so much more than an upgrade for your website. Although there’s a lot to be said for web design, our focus lies elsewhere: what we really care about is the process of growing your business online. Instead of a one-time installation, OPM aims for continuous improvement by focusing on the long-term rewards SEO techniques, analytics and reputation management can offer.

For example, Twenti offers in depth analytics so that your online presence is continually nurtured and improved. We also specialise in both on- and off-site SEO to ensure your business has the greatest online impact it can as part of our broader digital marketing efforts. Vitally, these approaches directly contribute to more customers and more revenue for businesses. By increasing its SEO rankings, your business will be more than visible online – it’ll be the go-to brand for the service or product you provide. This translates into more visitors, more customers and more conversions. 

When properly managed, your online presence strategy can thus make the complicated process of digital marketing easy. With your social media and online marketing strategy sorted, you’ll have more time to focus on where you want your business to go and how you’re going to get there.

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